Race reports

Hi guys I’m glad to finally be back on the bike again after some great racing at Anglesey this weekend I have finally got internet again to post my first race report of the season.

Firstly, testing on Saturday was a very hectic affair to say the least, quite a lot of teething issues to work through on both bikes as expected on the first shake down runs such as the bar working lose on the Honda causing me to do a little bit of grass tracking and brake issues on both bikes. Unfortunately, the only issue that couldn’t be sorted on track side was the binding calipers on the Suzuki causing complete brake failure after 2 or 3 laps causing a very near miss with the tire wall in the first session.


Race day went very smoothly with the Honda after the teething issues were all sorted however I only managed 4th place finishes in both races largely due to suspension setup and very old worn-out tires but I was happy with my pace coming back quickly and had a lot of fun riding the bike and tires to their absolute limit and using every inch of the track and getting the bike squirming all over.


Overall this weekend has been a great success sorting and setting up the bikes and getting my riding back up to pace.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to the next round at Darley moor on the 6th and 7th of April, so feel free to pop round if your free or look out for the race report ether on our Facebook page (Red Line Road Racing).



24-25/03/18 Anglesey Coastal